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Our privacy policy describes how we collect, store and use the information they collect through the different services or pages available on this site. It is important to understand what information we gather and how we use and that access to this site means you accept our Privacy Policy.


The access to this site carry involve utilización cookies. Cookies are Las pequeñas Quantity of information that the browser you used almacenan by the server for each usuario recuerde cierta information that I can posteriormente wish to use. This information permite identificarle to you as a user and concrete sus Preferences permite store personal information as well as technical puedan be times that concretas Pages or visit. Users Aquellos not be Quie cookies or tenth Receive informados before being persisted in their computer, I can configure your browser to cash. La mayor parte de los browser today's allowed here in the run las diferentes formas 3 cookies: Las Never cookies not accepted. The browser asks if usuario owes accept each cookie. Las cookies are always accepted. The browser can also specify Include a possibility that better Tienen Why cookies aceptadas and which was not. Specifically, the user will normally carry Siguientes accept some of the options: rechazar cookies determinados dominios las, las rechazar Terceros cookies, accept cookies as non-persistent (in eliminan long as the browser closes itself) allow for the server to create cookies for a domain name diferente. Also, I can There is also browsers allow for them to view them users and delete cookies individually. You may encontrar las further information about cookies:

Web Beacons

There is also this site can support web beacons (There is also fear conocidos web bugs). Los Sueli web beacons were pequeñas de imágenes pixel by pixel, visible or invisible colocados dentro del código fuente de las Web pages of a Site. Los Sirven and Web beacons are utilizan in a manner similar to las cookies. Additionally, web beacons Sueli utilizarse them for measuring traffic Visitanos users that a web page and to GET a board of Users in a Site. You may encontrar más información web beacons on them in:


In some cases, we share information about visitors to this site anonymously or aggregate with third parties such as advertisers, sponsors or auditors with the sole purpose of improving our services. All these processing tasks will be regulated according to the laws and respect all their rights to data protection in accordance with current regulations. Mide this site traffic with different solutions that I can wish to use cookies or web beacons for sucede To analyze what our language in Pages. Currently utilizamos las Siguientes solutions for the measurements of traffic this site. You'll find more information about the privacy policy of each of the solutions for such utilizadas Effects: Nielsen / / NetRatings: Google (Analytics) AddFreeStats: This site may host their own advertising, affiliate or advertising networks. This advertisement is shown through servers that also use cookies to display content related advertising to users. Each of these servers advertising has its own privacy policy, which can be consulted on their own websites.

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