Liquid complementary feed

It contains 19 amino acids (essentials and non essentials) amino acids) neccessary for the optimal
performance of the birds.


Is a company committed to animal health and welfare. Since its founding in 1968, has been entirely dedicated to the research, development, registration and marketing of products for veterinary use in farm animals and companion animals.

What's promotor-l?

Is a formula including vitamins and all amino acids, which are essential for a correct functioning of the organism. Its liquid form has the function to lessen difficulties that could appear manipulating some kind of automatic watering troughs.

in the world.

In 2013, PROMOTOR-L was sold in 55 countries around the world through our commercial network of distributors.

field tests

Download documents about Promotor-L such as safety sheets, technical bulletins, advertising and promotional material in several languages.

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